Here are some questions. And some answers about BrioMio — a free online obituary and memoir site that is totally free and does not mine your data.

Q: So this is an obit site?

A: Yes and no. It’s a memoir site, where you record your life your way. It can be the basis of an obituary or it just be your living record of the great and not-so-great things you’ve done, seen and heard. You or your family may direct newspapers or other websites to it and they are hereby given permission to reprint it at no charge, provided credit is given to 

Q: Some newspapers charge for an obit. How do you handle that?

A: We think this is an odious practice and newspapers who engage in it should be ashamed of themselves. But basically, it’s between you and your local paper. 

Q: What’s it cost to have a memoir page?

A: A basic page is free — up to 1000 words and one photo. Got more to say? Upgrades are available, giving you plenty of room for additional text, photos and videos. Contact us for details. 

Q: I’m not much of a writer. Can I get some help?

A: Yes, we have professional writers who can assist you in building your memoir. They charge $50 an hour. But you may not need help — it’s your life, after all. Who knows it better than you?

Q: What about privacy?

A: It’s as private as you want it to be. We require that you use your real name. Whatever else you choose to reveal is entirely up to you.

Please note that we do not sell, trade or otherwise provide any of your information to any third party except under court order. No data mining, in other words. 

Q: Can I link to friends and family?

A: Yes, of course. 

Q: Is this just for the living?

A: No. You are quite welcome to build a memoir for a deceased friend, relative or associate. We will need to see some evidence of your relationship and will contact you when we receive your submission.

Q: What about identity theft?

A: There is certain information we will not publish, including exact birth dates and street addresses.  The risk remains relatively small as long as you do not include highly specific information in your memoir.

Q: How will people find my memoir?

A: It will be indexed by search engines. Also, we have a search box on every page and a complete alphabetized list of all memoirs.

Q: So I can say whatever I want?

A: You can tell the story of your life but you can’t slander others, reveal private information about others or make any racist, misogynistic or defamatory statements. Please don’t reveal any national secrets or try to settle old scores. Unlike most social media sites, we have human editors who review every submission. 

Ready to share your life? Let’s get started.